16 K-pop songs of 2016 that will get you in the Christmas spirit

From annual holiday releases and company-wide collaborations to wintry ballads and festive OSTs, 2016 has been another amazing year for Christmas music in the K-pop universe. In no particular order, here is a list of the top 16 songs of 2016 to really get you in the holiday spirit!

#1  T-ARA – “TIAMO”

Following the release of their 12th mini album “Remember” in November, T-ara are back with a wintry music video for their title track “TIAMO.” Watch them sing about their love for that one special person amidst a snowy dreamscape above. Seeing the girls dance in the snow while singing their awesome new track really makes you appreciate the beauty of winter.

#2  Baek A Yeon (Feat. JB of Got7) – “Just Because (그냥 한번)”

Listen to the soothing harmony of Baek A Yeon and Got7’s JB as the two vocalists pair up to sing about the memories Christmas brings them of a past relationship for a special JYP Entertainment Christmas Collaboration project. The ending of the music video is my favorite~

#3  HAHA, OH MY GIRL (Feat. M.TySON) – “White (화이트)”

The adorable girls from Oh My Girl team up with HaHa to remake a Korean Christmas music classic originally sung by Fin.K.L., “White.” HaHa’s reggae vibe combines seamlessly with Oh My Girl’s cute charm to make a song that is perfect to put you in the Christmas spirit!

#4  Yang Da Il, Chancellor, MC GREE, As One, Kang Min Hee – “Already Christmas (어느새 크리스마스)”

Keeping up with their annual tradition of releasing a Christmas project single, the artists of Brand New Music are back with “Already Christmas,” a warm R&B carol song produced by Yang Da Il himself. How are they so talented?

#5  JeA – “Winter, it’s you (겨울 너야)”

“Winter, it’s you” is the perfect song to accompany the changing of seasons. Grab a warm cup of cocoa and listen to Brown Eyed Girls’ JeA’s husky voice as she sings of reminiscing about an old flame when autumn comes around.

#6  Apink – “Cause you’re my star (별의 별)”

A cute song about a girl who wants the boy of her dreams to be her star, “Cause you’re my star” is part of Apink’s special Christmas album to welcome the holiday season. This music video is so fun too!!

#7  Junggigo, Mad Clown, Yu Seong Woo, Brother Su, Boyfriend’s Hyun Seong, Monsta X’s Kihyun – “Love Wishes (누가 그래)”

The powerful vocalists of Starship Entertainment came together to wish you a merry Christmas by granting your “Love Wishes” this December, so sit back and enjoy the soothing voices of Starship Planet as they blend together in holiday spirit. It’s so good to see so many talented, handsome young men singing together, especially Hyun Seong of Boyfriend, we missed you!

#8  Red Velvet’s Wendy – “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

Wendy puts her own flair on the famous carol “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” for SMTown’s music channel this December. Featuring a piano accompaniment by Moon Jung Jae and strings by Lee Nile, Wendy’s jazzy rendition of a Christmas classic is perfect for those who want a Christmas song they can actually sing along to. Her vocals in this rendition are seriously just wow!

#9  Laboum – “Winter Story (겨울동화)”

You can’t help but smile while watching this music video as the girls of Laboum pose in white dresses in the snow and sweetly sing to the melody of violins and an upbeat instrumental about their love in winter.

#10  4men’s Shin Yong Jae, f(x)’s LUNA – “It’s You (그대라서)”

The two talented vocalists of SM Entertainment come together for an SMTown original winter track about love. Watch the adorable music video above that portrays a snow globe with a boy and girl interacting at a coffee cart.

#11  MAMAMOO – “Draw Draw & Draw (그리고 그리고 그려봐)”

MAMAMOO celebrated earning 3 million views on their “Decalcomanie” music video by gifting us with a brand new video for “Draw Draw & Draw,” a song with a soft, soothing melody from their latest  mini album “Memory.” The surprise music video features all four members as they wrap presents and prepare for the holidays.

#12  Yoon Jong Shin – “Anyway It’s Christmas”

CJ E&M Music’s Yoon Jong Shin is back with a jazz-style carol track for his Melody Monthly Project, “Anyway It’s Christmas.” The music video is truly special as it depicts the main events that happened in Korea in 2016, including the protests against President Park Geun Hye. After all the bad and stressful happenings of 2016, Yoon Jong Shin sings about forgetting the bad and enjoying Christmas with those you love. Let’s do the same! Next year will be better, guys, don’t worry!

#13  Yoo Yeonjung, Dawon (WJSN) – “Fire & Ice”

Cosmic Girls’ Yoo Yeonjung and Dawon deliver their perfect vocals in the OST for “The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice.” The music video pairs clips from the movie with footage of the Cosmic Girls enjoying winter and the holiday season.

#14  SF9 – “So Beautiful (너와 함께라면)”

The FNC Entertainment rookie boy group is back with a special digital Christmas single for their fans!!! The music video features the adorable maknae Chani summoning his hyungs with a snow globe to help him get ready for Christmas and celebrate the day together. Hmmm, so that is how we get our idol angels to appear before us… Okay, everyone, let’s go buy ourselves some magic snow globes, hehe.

#15  SURAN – “Winter Bird (겨울새)”

Suran delivers an emotional ballad track sure to move you to tears with her single “Winter Bird.” The lyrics describe the pain of being hurt from love like the sadness one feels amidst the heavy snowfall of winter. For those who have been hurt but still believe in love, Suran captivates listeners with her stunning vocals as she puts those painful memories into a song and lets her “Winter Bird” fly away. It is truly beautiful! Listen, just listen.

#16  EXO – “For Life”

Fans of EXO are blessed every winter with a special album to get in the holiday spirit, and this year is certainly no exception! Produced by Kenzie and Matthew Tishler, “For Life” is a soulful ballad about a promise someone makes to that one special person he loves for life. I hope when each of you finds your one special person, EXO, you are able to hold onto her for life!


Jin – “Awake (Christmas Ver.)”



BTS’ Jin surprised all of ARMY by giving us the best gift ever on his birthday—a Christmas version of his solo song “Awake” from BTS’ record-breaking “Wings” album. Click on the link below to listen to Jin’s emotional vocals blend together with the sounds of winter on BTS’ Soundcloud. Make sure you listen until the end to hear a special message from Jin to ARMY! Yes, we love you too, Jin! Forever and always! ❤

TWICE – 3rd Mini Album Christmas Edition


Following the very successful promotions for their 3rd mini album “TWICEcoaster: Lane 1,” the girls of TWICE are back to gift ONCE a festive Christmas edition of their immensely popular album. Watch below the behind the scenes footage of TWICE preparing for their Christmas edition at photo shoots decked out in their red Santa dresses and cheerful winter attire. How can you not want it to be Christmas after watching these precious girls have fun on set? XD


There were so many remarkable holiday songs released this year to help us celebrate the season in K-pop style. Do you have a favorite Christmas song from 2016?

Merry Christmas~ ashSwon

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