17 K-pop Soundcloud accounts you need to be following

Do you ever wonder what your idol is up to musically? Yeah, me too. Following your idol’s Soundcloud account not only lets you listen to the kind of music these artists may be experimenting with in the scarce amount of free time they get, but it also gives you access to their covers and remixes to some of your favorite songs. And don’t forget those sick mixtapes your favorite rappers drop that change your life forever. Yup, Soundcloud has those too! Since the actual idol accounts are pretty difficult to track down, here is a list (in alphabetical order) of some of the best Soundcloud accounts in the K-pop universe you should be following.

#1  AOMG


Featuring Jay Park, Simon Dominic, Gray, Cha Cha Malone, Hoody, Loco, Ugly Duck, and more, the rappers, singers, DJs, and dancers from this Korean hip hop label in partnership with CJ E&M have given us access to much of their work on their Soundcloud account. The music they’ve released truly highlights the synergy between the incredible talent and hip hop flavor from this “Above Ordinary Music Group.” The fact that they’ve uploaded music on a regular basis in the past two years is an added bonus. Definitely check this account out and start following them now.

#2  Babylon


Originally a vocal trainer and songwriter, this greatly under-appreciated Korean artist with an R&B vibe has revealed his talent through not only featuring in collaborations with Korean rappers Zico, Dok2, Iron, and Poloalto but also through much of his own work that you can check out on his Soundcloud account. If you like his style, make sure to also listen to his single album ‘Between Us’ released last April. Let’s support this rising talent!

#3  Bang Yongguk (BAP)


Best known as the leader and rapper for BAP, the genius songwriter and producer under TS Entertainment, Bang Yongguk, has also opened up his own Soundcloud account, revealing through the occasional song release over the past two years some of his more personal thoughts and struggles. While there aren’t many, each of his songs highlights Yongguk’s distinct rapping style, deep voice, and mellow vibe. This Soundcloud account is a “must follow” for any BABY out there. The casual listener to Yongguk’s music should be warned though, as “AM 4:44” makes me cry every time I hear it. I hope you are resting well, oppa, and you come back to us soon. Forever with you.

#4  BewhY


Who in the Korean hip hop scene isn’t familiar with the name BewhY after the rapper’s outstanding performances and first place win on 2016 Show Me the Money 5? Well, it turns out that this South Korean rapper genius also has a Soundcloud account featuring his 2012 debut mixtape ‘Be the Livest.’ While he hasn’t updated his account since, except to upload a preview for his album ‘Time Travel’ in 2015, BewhY is definitely an artist you want to be following if you are into Korean rap, mixtapes, or just stan talent. Who knows, maybe he will drop another mixtape on Soundcloud soon. We can hope.

#5  Brand New Music –


Brand New Music is a Korean hip hop label and talent agency founded by the rapper Rhymer in 2011. Originally, a combined company known as Brand New Stardom, the company split to become Stardom Entertainment and Brand New Music with many artists such as Verbal Jint following Rhymer to his new label. Now featuring renowned rappers, singers, and producers like San E, Yang Da Il, MC Gree, YDG, Chancellor, and Kanto, Brand New Music’s Soundcloud account is one of my current favorites to listen to, as it showcases the true talent this agency possesses and has a lot of material for you to enjoy if you are new to the Korean hip hop scene.

#6  BTS


This is probably (most definitely) one of the best Korean idol soundcloud accounts currently out there in terms of the sheer quantity and quality of the music, and I’m not saying that just because I’m an ARMY and somewhat (most definitely) biased, hehe. Featuring dope mixtapes by Rap Monster and Suga, emotional covers by V and Jungkook, and remixes by Jin and Jimin, not to mention Jhope’s 1Verse and BTS’ Christmas Special, this Soundcloud account really has everything fans could ask for from their truly genius idols. If you’re an ARMY and still haven’t discovered this masterpiece, then go make your Soundcloud account now! You’re welcome.

#7  Crush


Crush is pretty new to Soundcloud, currently only having uploaded four songs, but his is definitely an account you need to be following if you have any interest at all in this rising hip hop and R&B singer (and who doesn’t after the release of his stellar singles, collaborations, and OSTs this past year). His most recent upload is from his concert performance in New York back in November. We’re keeping our eye on you, Crush! Keep being awesome.

#8  DEAN


DEAN’s Soundcloud account is dominated by his most recent alternative R&B album ‘130 Mood: TRBL,’ but that’s not all! DEAN has also uploaded remixes and an acapella version of many of his songs, so go check out his Soundcloud now and support this ridiculously talented fellow. How can a singer-songwriter and record producer be so cute at the same time? It’s so hard not to become addicted to his music, so consider yourselves warned.

#9  G.Soul


G.Soul is a singer-songwriter under Studio J, a subsidiary of JYP Entertainment, and his Soundcloud account features not only his own music, but also tributes to Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston, and some pretty outstanding covers and remixes of Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, U2, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, and more! If you happen to fall in love with his voice like I did then I’d recommend listening to his single album ‘Love Me Again’ and EPs ‘Coming Home’ and ‘Dirty.’ He’s also pretty active on Soundcloud, so make sure to follow him and keep up to date with what he is currently working on!

#10  JB (Got7)


Got7’s JB very recently surprised fans by opening up his own Soundcloud account with three new tracks under his producer alias Def Soul and featuring JOMALONE, so be sure to follow his account now because not only are the songs awesome, but we can hope this is the start of even more tracks to follow in the coming months from this singer-songwriter under JYP Entertainment. Thanks JB!

#11  Nam Taehyun      (Pre-debut account:


Former member of YG Entertainment’s boy group Winner, Nam Taehyun has been consistently uploading his work on Soundcloud over the past three months, not to mention the music he gave us on Soundcloud before he debuted with Winner, which I would also check out if I were you! If you are at all interested in the awesome music Taehyun has been creating on his own, then I’d follow his Soundcloud account now, as it is the one source to directly see what he is up to since leaving Winner, and his voice is truly soul-touching. Hopefully, both Winner and Taehyun will be giving us more music in the coming future! Taehyun, hwaiting!

#12  Park Chanyeol (EXO)


If you are at all familiar with the rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor that is EXO’s Park Chanyeol, then you already know that he gave his fans another means to get to know his diverse talents by opening a Soundcloud account around a year ago. Since then he has somehow found time in the midst of EXO’s busy schedule to upload some of his own compositions and a couple covers, such as John Legend’s “All of Me” and Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself,” featuring EXO’s D.O. Let’s hope he keeps the trend up in 2017 and gives us some more music on Soundcloud as well!

#13  Ravi (VIXX)


Did you know that the South Korean rapper, songwriter, and producer under Jellyfish Entertainment, VIXX’s Ravi, also has a Soundcloud account? Yup, he does, and it’s awesome! Containing tracks produced by Ravi himself and his first mixtape ‘R.EBIRTH,’ you must follow this account if you are even remotely interested in Korean hip hop and rap. Also, keep your eye out for Ravi’s debut as a soloist with his first solo album ‘R.EAL1ZE’ this January.

#14  Seventeen


Seventeen’s hip hop unit, featuring S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon, have regularly released tracks to their mixtape on Seventeen’s Soundcloud account over the past two years, so any Carats out there need to follow them ASAP. Seriously, I hadn’t realized how talented Seventeen’s rapper line was until I first listened to their mixtape tracks. The mixtape contains not only hip hop tracks, but also features the other members of Seventeen’s vocal and performance units, even giving us acoustic versions of Seventeen songs, so give this Soundcloud account a listen. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

#15  Woo Taewoon –


Woo Taewoon, the singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer, usually referred to as the former member of boy group Speed and perhaps annoyingly referenced as the older brother to Block B’s Zico, also has a Soundcloud account with his ‘Doin a Free Fall’ mixtape, as well as a remix of Taewoon’s “Lost Star” track. Now I’ll be honest with you… Taewoon hasn’t uploaded any new songs in the past two years, but his mixtape is definitely worth listening to if you haven’t already become a fan of this talented genius. Now that Taewoon is working as a producer under Duble Kick Entertainment, maybe he will give us some more music on his Soundcloud soon. We may as well follow him on Soundcloud and cross our fingers, right?

#16  YerinB (15&)


JYP Entertainment’s Baek Yerin is one of the few female solo artists (okay, the only female solo artist) in this list who consistently and recently drops awesome tracks on her Soundcloud account. This singer-songwriter truly showcases her talent through her covers and remixes of amazing songs in English and Korean. Really, her voice simultaneously soothes me and makes me want to dance at the same time, so go follow her account!

#17  Youngjae (Got7)


Got7’s Youngjae first opened his Soundcloud account back in October 2016 with a Youngjae-only version of Got7’s “HEY,” the song Youngjae wrote for Got7’s “Flight Log: Turbulence” album under the alias Ars. Since then he has uploaded two more tracks for IGot7 on his account, so make sure to check out his Soundcloud account if you are a fan! I have a feeling he will be giving us even more tracks in the future.



Well, there you go! If you haven’t followed any of these accounts yet, you’re missing out on some epic brilliance, if I do say so myself. Whether you have a desire for new music, want to get to know your idol a bit better, or just decided to dive even deeper into the black hole that is Korean music, then I’d say that it’s time to create a Soundcloud account and start listening.

Don’t have too much fun XD ~ashSwon



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