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[Recap] The Mystery Continues in Doctor Stranger Episode 6

The mystery surrounding Seung Hee only grows deeper while Hoon’s devotion to finding Jae Hee remains relentless. Even more questions are generated in this episode and I’m anxious to see the rationale fueling this elaborate North Korean revenge plot. Unfortunately for the idealistic Hoon, this story is far more complicated than a […]

What I’m Watching Wednesday- Heirs

Hello everyone! It’s time for another What I’m Watching Wednesday post. Started: Heirs (Episodes 1-8) This week I finally gave in and started Heirs. There has been a ridiculous amount of buzz about this show. Even though I only just started watching, I felt like I already knew […]

What I’m Watching Wednesday

I’m starting a new weekly post called “What I’m Watching Wednesday”. Here I will post about the Asian dramas/variety shows/movies that I watched in the past week. Last me know if you have any show suggestions for me! I’m at that weird part of my drama watching cycle […]