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[Podcast] My Sister Doesn’t Watch Dramas

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Exciting news! My sister and I are starting our very own podcast. I’m sure you all know by now that I really love dramas, but you may not know that I also really, really like trying to tell people about them.

Explain Kdrama

My sister Abbie is my most frequent victim. I’ll come running into her room after finishing a particularly thrilling episode and will bombard her with largely incoherent plot lines. I’m sure you know the feeling- sometimes you just need to rant about all the craziness of drama-land!

This meme sums up my thoughts on the matter quite perfectly:


One day, Abbie finally had had enough and decided to record my ramblings. She’s a pro at tearing apart my words and pointing out flaws in drama logic. I hope you enjoy our banter- I’d say we make a pretty entertaining team!

Ending Kiss

For our first episode, listen as I try and explain Man from the Stars Episodes 1-11. Be ready for misunderstandings galore- Abbie’s convinced Min Joon is a date rapist and that Song Yi is an alcoholic! Also, why’s she so obsessed with Yoo Ra’s purse?

Take a listen and you can choose a side!

Topics include: 

Min Joon’s time stop kiss: sweet or date-rape?

Why didn’t Song Yi make a better effort to return Yoo Ra’s purse?

Min Joon’s super powers- why doesn’t he just teleport away and go on vacation?

Jae Kyung’s prison wife- how is that even possible?

Wait, this show is a comedy??

join me!

Abbie and I have a bet that if we can get 500 listens, comments, likes, or downloads she will watch an actual episode of the show! She’s certain that Man from the Stars is awful and I’m trying my best to convince her otherwise. Sadly, having a 400 year old alien as the main characters put me at an disadvantage right from the start!


What would you tell her to sway her in favor of Min Joon and Song Yi? I need all the help I can get!

You can listen directly to Episode 1 on PodOmatic

Or click here to download the episode!

UPDATE: Episode 1 is now available on iTunes!

We’re new to this podcasting stuff so please be sure to give us feedback! Podcasts in drama-land are rather scarce and I hope you guys will enjoy our version!

Thanks for reading AND listening!


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  1. It was funny listening to this 🙂 I’m a big fan of podcasts. Not that I understood much here (since I haven’s seen the show), but it does sound like a lot of fun. And I have to disagree with your sister it does sound kind of sweet and romantic 😀 but yeah it only makes sense if you know Asian pop culture a little bit.. Hope you get a lot of hits so she has to watch a show haha! Good job on your first episode.


  2. Thanks so much for listening! I know it must have been a little confusing since you haven’t seen the show, but at least you can relate to my sister lol I’m super excited to tell her your thoughts. One point for me! Thanks again for listening to our debut podcast. I hope we can make many more in the future. Asian dramas just have such crazy plots that I don’t think I’d ever really run out of material. That being said, my sister may be sick of me by then!


  3. I got a good friend addicted to dramas. We are watching Master’s Sun right now. We were trying to explain it to her sister and it came out something like:

    “He can’t read because he is traumatized by being kidnapped as a kid and watching his first love die after finding out that she helped to kidnap him. He had to read Agatha Christie passages about people dying over the phone.”

    Needless to say, her sister just stared blankly at us….


    • Oh dramas and their ridiculously crazy plots! While super entertaining to watch, explaining them to someone usually just makes us sound crazy. The tough part is to get the person over the initial shock and have them actually watch a show. Then it’s a slippery slope! Master’s Sun is certainly a good example of that!


  4. You will only learn to appreciate dramas when you finish one. Some kdramas look ridiculous and weird in the synopsis but when you watch them, you’ll discover they’re more than what they seem. You will see how tightly written they are. But of course, there are some dramas that don’t make sense at all .


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