This blog is dedicated to my love of the Asian entertainment industry. Kpop music dominates my iTunes library and on any given day you can find me catching up on my latest drama obsession. I’ve studied abroad in Taiwan, China, and Japan, and I have also vacationed in South Korea. Over the years, I have developed an intense interest in this part of the world. I really admire these different cultures and my passion has cemented itself by following their entertainment trends.

Why Kpop? It’s fun. It’s catchy. It’s colorful. It’s addictive.

M! Countdown Taiwan

Why Asian dramas? They’re refreshing. They’re emotional. They’re complex. They’re also highly addictive.

Cute- Large

My journey through this entertainment genre began 6 years ago with J-dramas and J-Pop. I’ve made the rounds through Taiwanese shows, Korean dramas, and a wide variety of Asian Pop music. My current obsessions lie mostly with Korean entertainment, but I’m always switching back and forth. I’ve studied Chinese for about 5 years, so the Taiwanese and Chinese celebrities are always close to my heart.


I have a lot of thoughts and interests concerning these topics and I hope to share these with everyone here. Not only that, I do have a competitive advantage over the average Kpop fan. I’m proud to say that I have actually seen many of the celebrities that I will write about here. That’s right, I can confirm that these people actually exist. I have witnessed and participated in the craziness first hand and I even have the pictures to prove it.

I recently spent a year in Taiwan and this unexpectedly opened the doors for me to fulfill many of my Kpop related dreams. It turns out that Taiwan loves Korea. They love the fashion, they love the dramas, and they definitely love the music. Almost every month there is at least one Korea related event; some months even had as many was four or five!

Jang Keun Suk- Taiwan 1

From Big Bang to FT Island, Lee Minho to Hyun Bin, and Peter Ho to Cindy Wang, I’ve seen more Asian celebrities than I ever thought possible.

In total my friend Shirley and I went to more than 30 events in Taiwan (and even a couple in Korea!). It was quite the journey and we had to learn a lot in the process. I feel like we finally cracked the system. Now we are pretty much pros at buying the tickets from the 7/11 machines and know how to properly charge forward through large crowds.

Kpop really has spread into an international phenomenon, at least as far as Asia is concerned. It’s amazing the kinds of fervor ridiculously catchy songs, gorgeous boys, and scantily clad women can generate. I know I’m not alone in my love for Asian entertainment. There is always something new and exciting within this industry. Let’s enjoy, discuss, and obsess together!

Cheers to the new blog! Please wish me the best of luck.

Feel free to contact me at rar4apop@gmail.com


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  1. Thanks for the follow! Wow, I envy everything you’ve lived so far! I’m working my way towards going to South Korea and if possible, hopefully attend a few kpop events as well! I’d love to share opinions and thoughts with a fellow kpop fan 🙂
    Cheers! And good luck with the blog! (I’m new at this blogging business as well.)


  2. thanks for the follow! i’m so green with envy right now, from the experience you had in Asia plus you even got to see jun sung ahn perform live! ahhhh.. love all of the vids btw, i’m a fan.. 🙂 thanks for sharing the experience..


  3. Thank you for reading and I’m glad you like the videos! I’ve really gotten to experience so much and now I hope I can share more about what I saw through my blog. I had a wonderful time in Asia, but I now have such withdrawal! Kpop concerts and fan meetings really are the best!


  4. Amazing review. Keep it coming. I am a mom with two kids, married for 15 years and I am so crazy about Korena drama too. Specially the alien one… I cannot wait o. Every episode.


  5. Thank you so much for reading! I always love hearing from fellow drama fans. Man from the Stars is turning out amazing and I’m excited for all that is yet to come. I really love reviewing it each week- I couldn’t have picked a better show to cover!


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