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What I’m Watching Wednesday

I’m starting a new weekly post called “What I’m Watching Wednesday”. Here I will post about the Asian dramas/variety shows/movies that I watched in the past week. Last me know if you have any show suggestions for me!

I’m at that weird part of my drama watching cycle where I’m not quite ready to watch the new shows that are airing. I hate waiting every week for episodes so I usually hold off until there are 10 or 12 episodes already out. During this period, I try my hand at catching up on older shows that I’ve somehow missed until now!

FINISHED: Last Scandal

Last Scandal

I can’t believe it too me so long to watch this amazing show. I had never heard of it before, but luckily my mom also really loves Asian dramas and recommended I watch it. This romantic comedy from 2008 gives a great take on the celebrity/average person romance.

Also, I loved the pacing of the show. The ending was actually satisfying and I didn’t feel like the show ended abruptly (as is the case for most dramas).

Comedy was well placed throughout! I found myself laughing all the time. One of my favorite parts was when Dongchul faked a fan event in order to apologize to Sunhee. So cute and also a great reflection on their relationship.

DongChul and Sunhee were a great pair, even if they did bicker about 90% of the show. The issues talked about in the drama,( ex: divorce, family life, money), were very realistic, minus the whole celebrity part. It was entertaining and I definitely recommend the show to anyone who is a fan of k-dramas! It’s different than the usual cookie cutter plot lines.

On a very sad note, the main actress, Choi Jinsil, committed suicide not long after filming this drama. She was such a great actress and I was very sorry to hear about her tragic end.

Watched at: Drama Fever

FINISHED: Runaway: Plan B

Runaway Plan B

I know, I’m rather late to this drama. It had slipped under my radar and for some reason it took me almost a month to finish. It was great fun though! Rain was perfectly in his element. I had such a wonderful time watching the cast fly around Asia, trying to fight through the very intricate plot lines. So many characters! So much backstabbing! So much action! It was such a different kind of drama than what I usually watch. I recommend it for anyone looking for a fun, exciting time.

Leading Men- Plan B

It certainly didn’t hurt to have three super gorgeous male leads…

Watched at: Drama Fever

WATCHED: Running Man- The Wizard of Oz:

T.O.P (Big Bang), Kim Yoo Jung, Yoon Je Moon

OZ Running Man

I wasn’t very impressed by this episode of Running Man. In fact, the few episodes that I’ve watched lately have made me very disillusioned with the show. There are too many cast members and the challenges they have are usually very long winded and largely unexciting. I tuned in for TOP, who was promoting his new movie The Commitment along with cast members King Yoo Jung and Yoon Je Moon, but even his presence didn’t save the show for me.

Let me save you an hour and a half. Here are my highlights:

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 6.30.41 PM

TOP looking wonderful, as always.

TOP pulling plungers off a car and then getting smushed into a tiny car with 9 other people.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 6.45.43 PM

TOP bear hugging Yoon Je Moon in order to seize his name tag.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 6.40.59 PMSuccess!

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 6.47.23 PM

The “wizard” sneak attacking Yoon Je Moon to steal his name tag. I felt bad for the guy. He was so into the game!

P.S. What was with the Nightmare Before Christmas music playing in the background?! Running Man, you can be really confused sometimes… Also, this was a VERY strange version of Wizard of Oz.

Watched at: Drama Fever

STARTED: Black & White

Pingzi Yingxiong

I just started watching the Taiwanese drama Black & White. This drama stars Vic Zhou and it’s a police drama that won the Golden Bell award in 2009 for Best Television Series.

Black and White- Duo

So far I’m only 1 episode in, but I already like the dynamic of the two male leads. I sense some future reluctant bromance! This is a great drama for me after finishing up Runaway: Plan B. I guess I can’t leave behind the action!

It’s also fun to be back to watching a Taiwanese drama. I spent last year living in Taiwan and watching this show is bringing back great memories. It’s also great language practice! 

Have you seen this show? What are you thoughts on it?

Watching at: Good Drama

What’s Next?

Black & White will probably take up most of my week. I’m debating about starting either Heirs, Answer Me 1994, or Marry Him If You Dare. I’ll let you know next week which show(s) I gave into!


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  1. Great job Rachel. Nice recaps on the dramas. I too loved The Last Scandal, Runaway Plan B and Black and White. I look forward to reading your take on future dramas.


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