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Jang Geun Suk’s New Hairstyle! But I’m Confused…

Ok, I think it’s official. Jang Geun Suk has FINALLY cut his hair. His long, luscious locks have been his trademark style for more than a few years, but the reign is now over. His new drama, Pretty Man, called for an intervention and the result, at least for the time being, is the following:

JGS- Still

I admit, I’m still a little confused about the actual haircut. I like how it’s styled in this picture, but the length of his bangs leaves room for doubt. Side View- Pretty Man

There also appears to be a section tied up in back of his head. While not too much, it still raises a red flag. Did they cut the sides and back, but leave the top layer long? Or did nothing actually change and this is all an illusions?! I need an explanation! 

As I said, the styling is great; very Asia Prince-like. But my curiosity is piqued. What does it look like without being tied back? I’m thinking asymmetrical. Like, almost G-Dragon level…

g-dragon fantastic baby

Ok, not quite that much. GD is GD; Jang Geun Suk is Jang Geun Suk. He has his own unique style

(which usually consists of long hair).

Pretty Man- Long Hair

After watching the new trailer for Pretty Man, I’m even more excited to witness Jang Geun Suk’s character in action. I can already tell his cute, playful demeanor will be shining through.

Pretty Man Hair Comparison

But I still need answers about the hair! Writing this post has made me even more confused… Is it long or not?! How asymmetrical is it really? What does it look like without styling? Look at the above picture: see where my confusion lies? I can’t guarantee that the bottom picture is the result of an actual haircut.

I guess I’ll have to wait until the drama airs on November 20th to find out for sure!

UPDATE: It was a trick! Check out the actual haircut in this blog post

prettyman- IU and JGS

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