Korean Celeb Inspired Wants

Korean Celebrity Inspired Wants: Ridiculous Hats

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When I think of baseball hats, I used to think of sports. In America, if someone wears a hat outside of winter it’s usually to support a particular sports team. There is a reason we call them baseball caps after all.

Thank you Korea for dispensing my ignorance.

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Korean fashion has made me rethink the awesomeness of hats. Ridiculous hats have especially infiltrated the Korean celebrity market. The more crazy and shiny the better! Anyone who’s anyone is wearing them. Oh no! You don’t have random English words on BOTH sides of your brim? Not cool.

I’ve learned since starting this post that the pimped out baseball hats that are usually the hat of choice for celebs is actually called a snapback. I know this is an actual English term, but I’m still not 100% convinced it isn’t one of those Korean originated Engrish words like “selca” and “chocolate abs”.

Hat Styles-2

English-y Engrish, studs, and monster-like characters seem to be most the most popular decorations on snapbacks.

These hats can be seen across all forms of Korean entertainment. K-pop stars seems to be leading the pack, but drama characters aren’t above sporting a snapback every now and then.

My Favorite Korean Hat Wearers:


GD Hats for Sale

GD is already famous for his fashionista ways, but his variety of hats is particularly noteworthy. From snapbacks to beanies, he’s got it all covered. Many of them boast his own name or lyrics from his songs.

GD Music Video Hats

Music videos like Crayon, One of a Kind and Michigo all feature trademark GD hats.

GD Fuzzy Black Hat

This infamous fuzzy hat seems to be GD’s hat of choice as of late. It’s been spotted around Asia; Macau, Singapore, and Hong Kong to name a few places. It’s even in Taeyang’s Ringa Linga music video!

Vouge Hats

Speaking of Taeyang, he also does a fair share of hat wearing. Makes me wonder if GD and Taeyang ever exchange hats. They’ve certainly modeled them together at least!

GD and Taeyang Panda Hats

OMG. This photo just came up on Taeyang’s instagram. I’m so happy to know that GD and Taeyang have matching panda hats.

My day = made.

Girls’ Generation I got a boy- hats

These girls sure love to wear hats. SNSD’s music videos and social media updates are filled with hat wearing escapades.


I can’t confirm this, but I’m pretty sure I Got A Boy wins for most crazy hats worn in one music video. With each of the nine members having multiple hats, the numbers sure add up to a lot. I can only imagine what the costume department looked like during filming.

Teen Top

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 8.33.04 PM

Girls’ Generation may win for most worn hats, but I think Teen Top’s Rocking take the prize for most hats IN a music video.

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 8.34.47 PM

I would love to see another band try and top this record.

Gong Hyo Jin

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 8.51.11 PM

In “The Greatest Love”, Gong Hyo Jin has a scene where she wears this hat to meet Dokko Jin at the movie theater. I’ve definitely seen this hat for sale while I was in Asia. It’s quite the popular snapback!

Hongki from FT Island

Hongki Hats

Hongki, please never change. Your crazy hats go so well with your crazy nails!

In conclusion

These hats are so ugly that I can’t help but want one. I blame the Korean celebrities. What I used to think was hideous has turned into something I would seriously consider buying. (Not that I would ever really wear it…) Curse you and your power!EXO HatsThere is apparently a HUGE market for Korean hats. Seems like Ebay is the place to go if you want your very own (fake) snapback. Artists like EXO have also sold hats as official merchandize. These entertainment companies aren’t stupid. If a celebrity has worn it, chances are fans will want their own!

What about you? Do you want your very own Korean fashionista hat? Let me know what you think!


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  1. I love all the crazy hats. I want to get more, they started selling K-pop related stuff at anime conventions now and I have had my eye on some Exo and Girls Generation hats ❤ I do have eatyourkimchi's Oooooh You So Nasty hat and it makes me smile :3


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