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Korean Celebrity Inspired Wants: Couple Shirts

Matching couple clothing is all the rage in Asia. Couple shirts are particularly abundant, but this trend has spread to almost anything wearable. Backpacks, hoodies, sun glasses, tracksuits, shoes- you name it, it can probably come in a matching set! I first learned of couple outfits from Korean dramas. […]

Hongki’s Wardrobe Malfunction

During a live performance of Madly on Inkigayo, FT Islands’s Lee Hongki had a bit of an issue. He belted out his beautiful notes just like normal, but you’ll notice that his hand never strayed away from his, uh, front. What could be the issue?  Well, it turns […]

Review: FT Island’s Madly MV

This music video is simply elegant. It’s beautifully shot, beautifully paced, and so beautifully sung. Hongki shows really shows off his powerful vocals throughout the song, reminding me a lot of FT Island’s past work. There’s so much heart and tangible emotion as he belts out his notes. […]