Korean Celeb Inspired Wants

Korean Celebrity Inspired Wants: Couple Shirts

Hongki and Mina Couple Shirt Matching couple clothing is all the rage in Asia. Couple shirts are particularly abundant, but this trend has spread to almost anything wearable. Backpacks, hoodies, sun glasses, tracksuits, shoes- you name it, it can probably come in a matching set!

Big- Suzy Couple Shirts

I first learned of couple outfits from Korean dramas. It seems like every loveless female character dreams of the day that she can go out in public wearing a ridiculously cute matching shirt with her boyfriend. Without this key feature, no one would EVER know you were dating. Holding hands and intimate gestures mean NOTHING. It’s the matching cat ear headbands that are the true mark of love.

Nothing quite says LOVE like allowing your girlfriend to dress you in in cute, emasculating clothing.

Couple shirts- Hakuana and British

The lovey dovey-ness of these pictures is starting to get to me…

Personal Taste= Couple Shirt

But the result can still be super endearing- especially if Lee Minho is in on it.

If matching shirts aren’t your thing, don’t worry! There are plenty more options to choose from.

How about a couple backpack?

Bonus points if it’s a designer brand like MCM.

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 11.51.13 AM

Shoes are a pretty subtle option.

Why do I have a feeling there’s been a huge spike in couple shoe sales following Heirs?

American Matching Tracksuit

When someone says “tracksuit”, this used to be the image that popped into my head.

Korean Tracksuit

Not anymore! Tracksuits are a staple in any cute Asian couple’s wardrobe.

How can these models make these tracksuits seems so attractive!? Curse you, I now might consider buying one…

Secret Garden Tracksuit

Speaking of awesome couple tracksuits… Nothing can ever top these ones!

Pajamas are a great alternative if you are too embarrassed to actually venture into public wearing these things.

Sexy, right?

My Experience with Asian Couple Outfits


While living in Taiwan, I was witness to a fair share of strange couple outfits.

I about died while seated behind this couple above. Not only is it a cat sweatshirt BUT IT EVEN HAS A LITTLE TAIL.

Lotte Headbands

Did you know that Amusement Parks are THE place to wear your couple clothing? Giant matching bows are a MUST.

When I visited Lotte World in Seoul, the sheer about of matching clothes was dizzying. Kids these days…

Couples Shirts

While couple outfits are the norm in Asia, I can’t help but look at this trend from my American perspective. This is stuff that I would never dream of seeing where I live- it’s just so different! Most guys wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a anything with this much cute. I can enjoy this trend from afar, but I could never seriously participate. It’s just not for me- and I’d feel too horrible about making my boyfriend wear the clothing to actually enjoy it!

I may laugh at couple outfits, but I can see why they are so popular in Asia. Dating is taken much more seriously and couples usually won’t start dating useless they would consider marriage. In a society that isn’t prone to overt public displays of affection, these couple items make an important statement of possession. It’s a giant TAKEN sign for all the Asian singles.

Spy Couple Shirt

Remember, whatever you do, don’t forget to take a selca with your matching clothes!

This will seal the deal and prove to the world you are officially a couple. Facebook official means nothing without a picture.

What are you thoughts on couple shirts? Would you ever wear one with your significant other?

Let me know if you have a favorite couple outfit. I had great fun putting these pictures together!

I will always love the alien PJs worn by Taecyeon and Gui Gui in We Got Married Global Edition.

Thanks for reading!


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