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[Recap] Doctor Stranger – Episode 18

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Episode 18 of Doctor Stranger is really Jae Joon’s episode. Jae Joon finally puts his revenge plot into motion and the consequences are beginning to show. Chairman Oh still refuses to apologize, despite the many, many opportunities he has to back down. Meanwhile, Hoon is rather occupied with Jae Hee’s harsh attempt at pushing him away. With only two episodes left, there are still many questions that need answers. All we can do at this point is sit back and pray for a satisfying ending, although only a miracle could save this show from the hot mess that it has become.

Hoon Loses the Competition

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Hoon steps up to stop Chi Gyu’s sister from having the surgery. While he sacrifices his spot in the competition as a result, his team members remark that his actions were very much characteristic of Hoon. Doctor Moon isn’t happy, but Nurse Min is very proud of Hoon’s focus on being a good doctor.

Jae Hee Pushes Hoon Away

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After the surgeries end, Jae Hee seeks out Hoon with the intent of pushing him out of her life. She’s convinced that she needs to send him away and she does all that she can to put a knife in their relationship. She brings up their past, particularly fixating on how Hoon killed her father and used his kidney to save her life.

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Each sentence cuts deeper and deeper into Hoon’s heart. She claims that he saved her out of greed, not because of true love. She now wants him to leave and never enter her life again.

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Needless to say, Hoon is devastated that Jae Hee is fiercely pushing him away.

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Hoon seeks out his mom and laments that if Jae Hee hadn’t found out about how her father died, he never would have revealed this information to her. He cries over how terrible of a person he is while his mom silently offers comfort.

Jae Joon Finally Knows the Truth About Hoon’s Father

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While Chairman Oh is congratulating Jae Joon on his victory, he lets out his reason for hating Hoon. He reveals that Hoon’s father almost started a crippling lawsuit and Chairman Oh forcibly got rid of him in order to stop it.

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Jae Joon is understandably shocked by this information, so much so that he zones out when the board announces that he will be the acting Chairman. Looks like all his scheming has paid off…

Dr. Yang Resigns

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Dr. Yang has seen the light and no longer wants to play along with all the craziness at Myungwoo Hospital. He tells Jae Joon that he’s leaving and offers advice that Jae Joon should do the same.

Jae Joon Tells Soo Hyun That She Can Like Hoon

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Jae Joon retracts his previous statement and confesses to Soo Hyun that he’s misunderstood Hoon. Apparently now he’s an OK person for her to like.

Soo Hyun Cracks The Castle Metaphors

Castle Doctor Stranger

Chi Gyu accidentally spills the beans by telling Soo Hyun about Jae Joon’s elaborate story of conquering the castle and falling in love with the princess.

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Soo Hyun is quick to connect the dots, especially when Chi Gyu mentions that the princess fell in love with another knight. Now she’s suspicious and needs to know why Jae Joon wants to conquer the hospital. She’s worried since he’s already asked her to forgive him for his future actions.

Jae Joon Apologizes to Hoon

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Jae Joon lets Hoon know that he’s sorry for how he has acted and hopes that they can stay on good terms. After their conversation, they both finally know the truth about their respective identities.

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Hoon advises that Jae Joon rethink his plan for revenge, especially since it’s going to deeply hurt the woman that Jae Joon loves.

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Jae Joon replies that the plan has already begun and it’s too late for him to back down.

Phase One of Jae Joon’s Revenge

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Let the games begin. Jae Joon begins his plan by arresting Chairman Oh’s son. The police come to take him away during party to celebrate Jae Joon’s win. Meanwhile, Chairman Oh still has no idea Jae Joon has turned against him.

Jae Joon Only Wants A Sincere Apology

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When confronted by Soo Hyun about his real identity, Jae Joon confesses that a sincere apology from Chairman Oh would be enough to get him to stop his plan. He just wants the horrible man to admit his faults and apologize that he wronged Jae Joon’s entire family.

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Unfortunately, Chairman Oh still doesn’t believe in apologies.

He continues to defend that his actions were 100% right for the hospital.

Hoon Explains His Past Actions to Jae Hee

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Before accepting the Prime Minister’s demand that he and his mom go to Switzerland, Hoon asks to meet with Jae Hee one last time. He tries to explain that her dad was the one to ask him to save her life. He still loves her from the bottom of his heart.

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Unfortunately for Hoon, Jae Hee continues with her plan to push him away. She says that none of this matters and that this is the end of their relationship. Jae Hee doesn’t want him to ever come back for her.

The Prime Minister Once Again Tries to Kill Hoon

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Under the disguise of sending Hoon out of the country, the Prime Minister’s henchman takes Hoon and his mother to a deserted field and plans to kill them both.

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But just as the trigger is about to be pulled, the Prime Minster calls with urgent news. The President now wants Hoon to he his surgeon! Apparently Hoon’s compassion for patients won over the President’s heart. Ha. Oh the irony.

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Hoon may hate being toyed with, but he doesn’t have much choice but to go along with the plan. The Prime Minister once again has kidnapped Hoon’s mom and threatens to harm her if he doesn’t comply.

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The Prime Minister sure is an expert at pissing people off.

Jae Joon’s Big Reveal

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Jae Joon gives Chairman Oh one last chance to apologize for his past actions. He explains that all can be forgiven if he just asks for it and admits to his faults.

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Chairman Oh of course says he has nothing to apologize for.

He even says stopping the lawsuit was the best thing he’s ever done.

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And with that Jae Joon begins to list all the harmful evidence he has collected against Chairman Oh. He can easily ruin him both financially and socially. In fact, the plan is already in motion. Jae Joon thanks Chairman Oh for making his life meaningful. The fact that Chairman Oh never showed remorse made his revenge plan that much easier to follow.

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During this whole speech, Chairman Oh is suffering from what looks to be a heart attack. He clutches his chest and wallows in pain. It appears that this shocking information is too much for him to handle.

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Chairman Oh finally collapses at Jae Joon’s feet. The episode ends with Jae Joon staring down at Chairman Oh’s still form.

In Conclusion

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I’m glad to see that Jae Joon is finally taking action, although with only two episodes remaining I hope we have enough time to see it through. If the Chairman dies of a heart attack, what will that mean for his plan? Is it over just as it began? I guess we’ll find out next week.

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Jae Hee’s focus on pushing Hoon away is rather annoying, especially since I can’t see what purpose it can serve other than causing unneeded pain for our hero. Now that Hoon is back in to do the President’s surgery, will these two finally team up against the Prime Minister? Gah, so many questions, so little time left to answer them.

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Hoon continues to get thrown around by the Prime Minister’s schemes and I hope that we’ll get a satisfying conclusion that finally defeats the Prime Minister once and for all. I can tell that the writers of the show now want to focus on Hoon being a “good doctor”, but I hope they don’t forget about resolving the huge list of injustice that Hoon has been fighting against from the beginning. This kid has had quite the tough life.

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What did you think of episode 18? How do you think this will all end?

Anyone else really enjoy the Soo Hyun’s quack mug?

Thanks for reading!


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