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Korean Celebrity Inspired Wants: Nail Art

Nail art has taken South Korean celebrities by storm. Watch any Korean music video, drama, or variety show and chances are the stars will have a type of nail art on their fingers.

While manicures and nail painting is popular worldwide, Korea has taken this pastime to a whole new level. Glitter, jewels, rhinestones, and bows; you name it, they can put it on your nails. Bonus points if it’s cute and sparkly.

Salon- SNSD

A few years ago, Soompi posted this interesting article about a nail shop that Girls’ Generation likes to visit. Gel nails seem to be the most popular route for a manicure. If you want all the bells and whistles, expect to pay as much as $250 USD! Don’t worry, the single color route is much more affordable at about $30-50, but where is the fun in that?

Nail art has become another essential accessory for any female celebrity in Korea. You wouldn’t go on stage without styling your hair, right? Well nails now have almost as much importance. These stars need to show off their fashionista ways while holding their microphones!

The females celebs aren’t the only ones partaking in this trend. Many male stars are also being seen sporting various nail decorations. In the above pictures, TOP and G-Dragon look like they are wearing the same polish. Perhaps it was for a particular promotion?

My Favorite Nail Art Fashionista: Lee Hongki

My all time favorite Korean nail art wearer has to be FT Island’s Hongki. He’s so confident and enthusiastic about his nails. I don’t know of any other male celebrity who has published his own book ALL ABOUT NAIL ART. That’s super cool.

Hongki Nails Pink

I also don’t know of anyone who spends $45, 000 USD in a two year period on nail art. Woooooah.

Nail Queen Japan

Don’t worry, it’s not all for naught. Hongki just won the “Best Men’s Nail” award at Japan’s Nail Queen 2013 Convention!

~Oh Hongki ~

For more Hongki nail art goodness, check out this video where he teaches some of his favorite design techniques!

While I’m not usually one to wear nail polish, I have to admit that looking at these pictures makes me wish I could try out some of these fancy looks! Would you do it? Which style do you want the most?

If you are interested in learning more about the nail art experience in Korea, check out this neat blog post here! The author lives in Korea and wrote about some of her experiences with Korean nail salons.

I may have to try to recreate some of these awesome designs at home. I just wish Hongki was here to help!


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  1. I’ve found a place near here in Atlanta that does this type of nail art, but I’m talking the girls at the nail salan next to my shop into doing this! They’re Vietnamese but they watch kdramas with me every day during lunch LOL. They still think it’s funny that an old white woman is so in love with “their” shows. They were thinking about bringing in some bows and other smaller items to attach to nails. Told them I would be their first test subject, so maybe I’ll have some cool nails soon! I promise to post a pic if they finally get it done 🙂


  2. That’s awesome! I hope you can try it out sometime. I can only imagine what they will look like!

    Also, my mom totally does the same thing with the ladies at the nail salon she goes to! I got my mom hooked on dramas (oops) and now she goes to them to compare notes. Too funny!


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