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Song Yi Stickers on LINE

LINE released special edition stickers featuring Cheon Song Yi, the sassy and hilarious heroine from Man from the Stars. In total, 16 stickers are now available to download for free, as long as you are using the app. LINE is one of the sponsors of Man from the […]

10 Reasons to Watch Man from the Stars

I haven’t enjoyed a drama this much in a long, long time. From romance, tragedy, comedy and thrills,ย Man from the Stars has it all.ย It’s plot is highly entertaining and I have long since fallen in love with the lead characters. For those of you that are still undecided […]

First Kiss in Man from the Stars

At the very end of episode 4, weย get treated to the first little kiss scene between Min Joon and Song Yi in Man from the Stars. While almost entirely accidental, it is fun to see Min Joon’s surprise when their lips touched! Even though it was a drunk […]