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First Kiss in Man from the Stars

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At the very end of episode 4, we get treated to the first little kiss scene between Min Joon and Song Yi in Man from the Stars. While almost entirely accidental, it is fun to see Min Joon’s surprise when their lips touched!

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Even though it was a drunk Song Yi that initiated the kiss, I can tell that Min Joon is starting to be affected by Song Yi’s beauty. He can’t remain stoic forever!

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 3.58.28 PM

Even better, we also find out in the ending interview that Min Joon has never kissed a girl before! He’d like to make it clear it wasn’t for the lack of interest from the ladies- he just was sure to point out to them that he’s from another planet. I feel bad for those girls since they always thought he was lying!

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Since the kiss occurred at the very end, we didn’t get to see how Min Joon reacted. Song Yi doesn’t remember the incident so his secret is safe… for now. I’m glad that nothing seemed to happen to Min Joon due to the kiss since he mentioned earlier that he isn’t allowed to mix saliva with humans. I can’t wait to see how he dealt with this unexpected experience!

What are your thoughts about this first kiss? I can’t wait for more actual romance between these two!


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  1. I still haven’t watch it yet but I enjoy my spoilers so thanks^^ I seriously wonder what happen next and the preview for episode 5 is so intense! I really have to finish my episode 4><


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