My Current K-pop Playlist

I’ve been listening to lots of great new(ish) songs and I wanted to share my current playlist with you all. It’s not super exciting, mostly just a mix of new releases since January. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy!

Some: Soyu x Junggigo

This song and music video combination is adorable! I’m always game for a good K-pop collaboration and the result of combining Soyu and Jungjigo worked perfectly . The chorus is very catchy and you’ll find yourself swaying along with the music. It’s not surprising they’ve won many a trophy on popular music shows! 

Come Back Home: 2NE1

I’m a big fan of 2ne1’s new album, especially the title song Come Back Home. The music video isn’t my favorite, but I can’t stop listening to this song. 2ne1 is about to embark on their World Tour and I’m anxiously waiting to see if they will come to the United States. I’d love to see them!

Mr. Mr.: Girls’ Generation

I linked a live performance to the song for two remarkable reasons.

1. SNSD is wearing jeans. It’s refreshing to see a girl group not competing to win the “most slutty” award. I hope more groups follow their example.

2. This song is the first time that SNSD has included male backup dancers. When I read that news I was rather shocked that in their 8 year career they’ve never  danced with men . I guess when you have nine girls on stage, you don’t need men to make the stage even more crowded.

I must say though, I like how they incorporated the male dancers into the performance. I’d say it was a good move!

1004 (Angel): B.A.P

I LOVE this song. I’ve had it on constant repeat since it’s release and I’m just loving the sound. B.A.P is a very powerful band and this song does a wonderful job showcasing their strengths. This may be my new favorite B.A.P song!

Can’t Stop: CNBLUE

CNBLUE is one of my favorite bands and this song was another great hit for them. In fact, the whole mini album is a very enjoyable listen. With each new song, I fall more and more in love with these awesome guys!

Beep Beep: BTOB

BTOB is band that I always heartedly cheer on. I love their sound, especially on songs like Second Confession and Stand Up. Beep Beep is a little different, but I still like the song. I just hope they can keep making great songs and win even more fans!

30Sexy: Rain

Ok, I know this isn’t exactly new anymore, but I never got a chance to right about it on my blog! Rain kills it in this song, and I find it’s a particularly great song for working out.

LA Song is also good, especially Rain’s dancing. I’ve watched this practice video many, many times…

 Overall, I was very pleased with the entire downpour of Rain’s promotions. He made a wonderful comeback!

Man from the Stars OST

What’s a post on this blog without a reference to my favorite drama Man from the Stars? I certainly got swept up in the mania and the OST songs are still dominating my playlist. These official videos are great montages that combine the main songs with key moments from the drama. I can’t quite pick a favorite song, but I do really love Hyorin singing Hello.

My Destiny will always be the defining song of this drama for me. What is your favorite?

These MVs make me want to rewatch the show already…

Keep Calm

What are you currently listening to? Please give me your suggestions- I’m always looking for new music!

Thanks for reading (and listening)!


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  1. That’s a great selection of songs! All of those have had high playtime on my playlist. I love AlphaBAT too, however some others from this year that I have enjoyed are:

    Royal Pirates – Drawing the Line This is a great song! And the Royal Pirates members are way too adorable – also all Korean/American. There is a great English version of their song too.

    B1A4’s Lonely – I really liked this change of pace for B1A4, it was a great song. The whole album was really really good!

    SPEED’s Don’t Tease Me – This is an awesome song and performance. I can’t believe it hasn’t had more views.

    And A-Prince’s Yes or No – I really like this song from A-Prince. I linked you to the dance practice version as the actual MV is kind of bad – plus they have their cute orange hair!

    Some other awesome songs are Ailee’s Singing Got Better, SPICA’s You Don’t Love Me and K.Will and Mamamoo’s Pepermint Chocolate.

    Sorry! I love too much Kpop!


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