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[Review] Boyfriend Concert in Chicago

DSC08338 2

Last week I had a wonderful experience at the Boyfriend Showcase in Chicago! First of all, as a big fan of Boyfriend I was overjoyed when I found out they were coming to my hometown. But not only did I get to see them live in concert, I also had the great opportunity to act as a photographer!


While living in Taiwan, I attended numerous K-pop concerts and fan meetings. With each show I realized just how much I love photography, especially when it comes to documenting my favorite artists on stage. My friend and I ended up collaborating with Soompi to write in depth concert recaps for overseas fans. While this opportunity was short lived, I had a wonderful time. Since coming back to America, Boyfriend’s Showcase was my first chance to relive my favorite hobby!

A big thank you goes to Jazzy Group for hosting the Boyfriend concert in Chicago and allowing me to act as a photographer!

Please enjoy my pictures and thoughts on the show!

Group Intro

These boys were adorable. Seriously, their cute factor is where they excel.

Boyfriend Group

Their dancing is also spot on and effortless. You can tell just how much work went into learning these routines.

YoungMin Group

There’s just something magical about seeing a perfectly executed boy band dance routine.

Group 2

Thank you Boyfriend for bringing your best!

HyunSeong Listen

It goes without saying that these guys know how to work a crowd.

MinWoo Laugh

The fan service was really what made this event so fantastic.


Highlights included:

DSC09842 2

Numerous selcas with fan phones


Hyunseong’s Giyomi


And Donghyun serenade of lucky fan. The smile on this girl’s face was infectious.


The Jo Twins had some adorable bromance.


Jeongmin’s antics were highly amusing!

Hyunseong’s won the crowd over with his beautiful singing and impressive muscles.


And Minwoo lit up the theater with his youthful smile and genuine exuberance.


It was clear that Donghyun is an amazing leader. You can tell that the whole band respects him 100%.


Donghyun even took responsibility for most the the English during the show.

My favorite quote: “My favorite accessory is… my fans!”


Melting hearts is what these boys do best.

Heat final

Speaking of hearts, don’t worry, there were plenty of to go around!


Including this epic fan heart.


Most importantly, Boyfriend heartedly enjoyed every single second of their performance.

YoungMin Hyunseong

Just look at those smiles!


Their friendship also shined through during their performances.


You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who left the performance without a giant grin.

Boyfriend 3

Boyfriend did a fantastic job with their first U.S. showcase. I hope they can come again to Chicago in the future!

Boyfriend 4

I can’t wait to see Boyfriend’s hits like “Janus”, “I Yah”, and “Boyfriend” performed again live! 

Group 1

Final thoughts? Great dancing, catchy songs, and fantastic fan service.


The album signing and hi-touch event was also very well received by fans. It made for a great end to the night.


Once again, thank you Jazzy Group for hosting the Boyfriend concert in Chicago and allowing me to act as a photographer.

All of the photos in this article were taken by me for Jazzy Group. If you share them, please be sure to credit us!


What do you think? Pretty cute, right?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I SOOOOO wanted to go to their concert but i don’t live in either place. But here in LA we get a good amount of K-Pop artists. I love when you can visually see the chemistry between the members and their fans. It shows that they really enjoy what they do and that they truly care for their fans. Love the pictures. So jealous right now.


    • The chemistry was really great in Boyfriend! It was obvious they were overjoyed to perform in the US. I’m jealous you live in LA! All the best Kpop concerts go there first. If one of my favorites like Big Bang goes to LA I’m totally prepared to fly out. Kpop vacations are the best kind of vacations! Thanks for reading and I’m glad you like the photos!


      • If Big Bang was performing anywhere in the US and i had the money i would be all over that. Even though i slightly forced my mom to go to my K-Pop concert, she would be all over Big Bang…


  2. Your photos are amazing! I’m so incredibly jealous. They really look like they had a great time with their fans there. I love Boyfriend so much. We need some showcases in Australia!


  3. I’m not that much of a fan of Boyfriend, but this makes me so so jealous… Living in the distant north of Europe, no kpop group ever comes here. Or well, Vixx came last year, but they were the first and I didn’t go to that. Why don’t I live in some big city in the US?! *grumpy*


    • Thanks! I’m glad you like the pictures. I had a wonderful time taking them! Boyfriend is a fun group. If you’re curious, check out some of their videos on YouTube. Janus, iyah and On and On are good!


  4. Can you upload more pictures from the hi touch/autograph session? Since Jazzy Group didnt allow cameras ? I really want to see more photos !


  5. Hi!! I have a question about working with Jazzy group! Do you have a kakao? If not then I’ll just write it here. I don’t want to blow up your comments haha


  6. “There’s just something magical about seeing a perfectly executed boy band dance routine.”
    Very well said. It’s so true.
    I didn’t get to go to this one, but it’s fun being able to live it through your photos!


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