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Heirs Stickers

LINE has released an English version of “Heirs” stickers! The show may have finished months ago, but I’m enjoying this trip down memory lane with Kim Tan, Choi Young Do, and Cha Eun Sang.

There is both a paid and free version of the stickers. Both are highly amusing!

I decided to have some fun with these wonderful stickers. Be sure to read these comics from left to right!

Eyes on me

That pretty much sums up the whole series, right? Who needs 20 episodes when you have LINE stickers!

Conversation 2- Nice Wrinkles

Even Yoon Chang Young makes an appearance!

Now, how about some Tan x Young Do shipping?

Conversation 3- Do I like you

These stickers just hold so much potential!

That's Attractive

Park Hae Jin (Hee Kyung in Man from the Stars) is also the proud owner of his own LINE stickers.

I’m taking creative license and pretending he also exists in the Heirs world. Hee Kyung is technically an heir anyway…


But what if?


These stickers are so much fun to play with. Do you have any plot ideas? Feel free to send me requests!

Lee Min Ho

I must say, I’m so glad they captured some of Kim Tan’s trademark ugly sweaters!

I think the “I hold grudges” with the pink fuzzy sweater is my favorite.

Which stickers do you like best?

Thanks for reading!


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