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Help! My Kitten Needs a Korean Inspired Name

Help- Orange

 Great news! My mom and I adopted a new kitten. She’s adorable, super friendly, and loves to cuddle.

The problem is we don’t know what to call her!

We’re big fans Korean dramas and we’d love to use a Korean inspired name. Do you have any suggestions?


So far, we’ve thought of Noona and Jeju, but we’re not sure either one really fits.


Please let me know if you have any thoughts!

Things to know about her:


She’s very needy, and is happiest when she’s snuggling with someone. She likes to meow until she gets her way.


She has beautiful grey eyes that match her grey coloring.


She’s also very long and lanky, especially for a 13 week old kitten. Just look at those ears!


Keep in mind, she also now has an older brother, Toby.


We got Toby two years ago and he is now adjusting to the new member in the house!


Please let me know if you have any ideas! We think a Korean related name could be a fun choice for this cute girl.

Who knows, she might become the mascot for this blog!

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated!



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  1. How about calling her Dong-Saeng… But that sounds like a mouthful… Or Yaong which means “meow”… i guess you could also name it Go-Yang-I which means cat… But i would double check the word with the meaning just in case i am wrong… But good luck in finding a name…


  2. From the top of my head, I’d say Gumiho.
    I also like Haru (day) and Sakura (not exactly korean, it’s japanese for cherry blossom) 🙂
    Tell us the final results 😀


  3. Song Yi, she looks like she has a big personality like Song Yi from You From Another Star. Plus it’s a pretty name. Haneul is also a pretty name, it means heaven, or sky..actress Kim Ha-neul, actor Kang Haneul. Soju, it’s a cool name, it’s the Korean liquor in the green bottle.


  4. I have cats named KitLee MinHo ( Korean pronounced without the L) and SamSoonAh. My SamSoon came from a feral litter I named (KIm) SunAh, HyunBin and SamSoon. I kept Sammi and sent her sibs to PAWS. I have a feral in my garage that I call JiYong, or GD. I’ve also had ferals (gone now) that I named for JYJ – Chunnie, Junsu and JaeJoongie- and (Yoon) EunHye. I love my Korean cats!!


  5. I got my kitten around the same time as you and named him “Chin-gu” which means friend in Korean. Anyway, I’m sure your kitten has a name now, so I’m def. late to the discussion, but thought it was cute that you too wanted a Korean name for your kitty cat.


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