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My Kitten Has A Name: Mei Li

Mei Li

Thank you for everyone’s great name suggestions! I really appreciated the awesome Asian related names I received.

After lots of consideration and some amazing ideas, my family has decided to name our new kitten Mei Li (美丽), meaning beautiful in Chinese. I was really hoping to choose a Korean name, but we ran into some pronunciation problems when trying to convert my sister to our cause.

Mei Li 2

We went with a Chinese name for a couple reasons.

1. I speak Chinese, 2. My sister is adopted from China (although she doesn’t speak a word of Chinese), and 3. It was easy to say compared to some of the Korean options.

Regardless, favorite name suggestions include:

Soju, Miso, Mina, Omo, Buyl, Sam Soon, Haru, Song Yi, Yoona, and Jeju.


Sadly, we felt that our kitten’s personality didn’t instantly click with these names.

Mei Li Sleeping

One day when I get a cat on my own, I’m totally want to name it Soju! I think that’s a fantastic name for a pet.

Mei Li and Toby

I think Mei Li (pronounced May Lee) will work well for all members of the family, while still maintaining some Asian influence! Even better, we can call her Mei Mei for short, meaning younger sister. This works perfectly since she’s now the little sister to Toby, our other cat.

Toby is still adjusting to his new little sis. Whenever she comes near him, he just freezes! He’s not sure how to react!

Thank You

Thank you again for all your help! I loved all of the suggestions and pet stories you guys shared.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated on how little Mei Li is doing! She’s a sweet and adorable little kitty.

Thanks for reading!

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