BTS Celebrates their 1,000 Days since debut with ARMY!

bts 1000


It’s hard to believe it’s been 1,000 days since BTS debuted with their first single ” No More Dream”! BTS are well known for being very active on social media, and the members spared no time in celebrating with ARMY’s, posting several tweets at midnight KST on March 8th.




Check out their twitter for more silliness!

Their official YouTube channel BANGTANTV  even uploaded a special episode in which the members are having a photoshoot with balloons  reading out the number 1,000.

Watch the video below for an overload of cuteness!

As an ARMY myself I was happy to celebrate together with BTS! Hopefully these boys stay together for 1,000 and more days!

What did you think of BTS’s 1000days with ARMY video?

Thanks for reading! – Mel


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