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Makeup Monday: Get Park Shin Hye’s Look!

Hi everyone! I have exciting news. My friend Siobhan will starting a new series of posts called Makeup Monday! Here, she’ll be posting about how you can recreate the looks of your favorite Korean celebrities. Siobhan has a rich knowledge about makeup application and I hope you enjoy her […]

A Letter to Young Do

Dear Young Do, It sure sucks being the second lead, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, you’re only 18. Things are bound to get better. Sure, you like Eun Sang, but look how well that is working out for Kim Tan. You can’t believe that your dad wouldn’t do the […]

What I’m Watching Wednesday- Heirs

Hello everyone! It’s time for another What I’m Watching Wednesday post. Started: Heirs (Episodes 1-8) This week I finally gave in and started Heirs. There has been a ridiculous amount of buzz about this show. Even though I only just started watching, I felt like I already knew […]