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My Top 10 Kpop Engrish Phrases

Kpop music loves incorporating English into its songs. In fact, it’s actually kind of hard to find songs that don’t contain at least one word of English. For English speaking fans, this has the following benefits.

  • Makes it easier to sing along with your favorite songs.
  • Helps when introducing Kpop to people who have never heard anything besides Gangnam Style.
  • Provides for some very amusing entertainment.

Here are my Top 10 Engrish Phrases:

10. Teen Top we gonna rock it drop it top it hey don’t stop it pop it.

(Teen Top- Rocking)


Great job Teen Top! I find myself saying this to myself all the time. No, I’m not crazy… Also, A+ on rhyming.

9. To be around me when I lonely.

(Gui Gui and Taecyon- I Love You from the We Got Married OST).

We got married

I know that this list is only for Kpop lyrics, but basically everything Gui Gui says in We Got Married- Global Edition is a wonderful form of Engrish. It quickly became clear that no fellow cast or crewmember felt it really necessary to help improve her English in any way. It’s all part of her charm! Be sure to look out for my top 10 Gui Gui quotes. There will be a post in the near future!

8. Ga-gee, G-g-gagee.

(F(x)- Electric Shock)

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 7.21.25 PM

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? I’m confused. Are you trying to say gauge with the E pronounced? Or is this actually a word in Korean? I’m not sure, but I’m leaning towards the English word gage based on your previous use of SYNERGY and LAZER, L-L-LAZER.

7. My Mine My Mine. I My Me Mine. 

(4Minute- I My Me Mine)

4 minute

Ok, 4Minute. I get it. You know how to use the 1st person. You may want to try and include other pronouns sometimes!

6. Every day I Shock. Every night I Shock.

(Beast- Shock)


Shock? What is Shock? Beast, what is it exactly that you do every day and night? I’m not sure I get your meaning…

5. I’m genie for you boy. I’m genie for your wish.

(Girls’ Generation- Genie)


I hate to break it to you Girls’ Generation, but genie is a noun, not an adjective. I’ll admit though that the lyrics are very catchy!

4. The loof, the loof, the loof is on fire.

(B.A.P- Hurricane)

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 6.53.25 PM

Oh B.A.P, this is not your best English. It may actually be one of the worst pronunciations I’ve heard in a Kpop song. While yes, the phrase is correct, Loof ≠ Roof. I’ll give you a B for effort, but it’d be best if you went back to English class!

3. I’ll be your shoulder strap and you can be my backpack.

(BtoB- Second Confession)

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 7.11.57 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-02 at 7.06.37 PM

This has to be one of my all time favorite Engrish phrases in Kpop. Think about it. WHAT. DOES. IT. MEAN?? Thank you Peniel for this gem.

2. Bo Peep, Bo Peep, Bo Peep, Bo Peep, Bo Peep, Bo Peep, Bo Peep, Bo Peep, Ohhhh.

(T-ara-Bo Peep Bo Peep)

t-ara- bo Peep

T-ara, please tell me what you think Bo Peep is. Here’s a hint: Bo Peep is not a cat.

1. Sexy, Free, and Single. I’m ready to Bingo.

(Super Junior- Sexy, Free, and Single)


Super Junior, I love you guys, but here’s some advice. The word you were looking for was MINGLE, not BINGO. Playing Bingo really isn’t as hot as you think it is. Twister maybe, but Bingo, not so much.

What are some of your favorites? Kpop is so wonderfully rich in Engrish!

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  1. Hahaha On SuJu’s Engrish, a lot of people were debating on this issue. They were sure it was ‘mingle’ since that made more sense but ‘bingo’ was the word used in the official lyrics. XD


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