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My Response to the Sunbae Effect- Taiwan Edition

A few days ago, the website theoneshots.com posted an intriguing article titled “The Sunbae Effect: Does Seniority Breed Laziness?”. Here’s a quote: “The music business, much like any other industry, is a “pay your dues and get respect” type of business, especially in a country like Korea where […]

My Top 10 Kpop Engrish Phrases

Kpop music loves incorporating English into its songs. In fact, it’s actually kind of hard to find songs that don’t contain at least one word of English. For English speaking fans, this has the following benefits. Makes it easier to sing along with your favorite songs. Helps when […]

Best K-pop Subtitle Dubs

I have not laughed this hard in a long time. Many people have attempted the K-pop Parody (myself included), but few have even come close to this level of success. A YouTuber by the name of KiSung85 uploaded a series of videos that take original K-pop music videos […]