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The Drought Will Soon End- Rain Is Planning His Comeback!

Peace- Rain

Looks like Rain is at it again! According to Allkpop.com, Rain is expected to make his return early next year with a new album. I can already hear the squeals of delight from his fans all around the world!

According to the the article, a “music insider” reported the following:

He already finished about 6 songs. He has a few songs he composed himself. As for the concept, he’s thinking about whether to come back as Rain’s usual image, or a completely new image since his discharge from the army.”

This is wonderful news! But besides working on a new album, what else has Rain been up to since his return to civilian life in July? It turns out Rain has been slowly easing himself back into the spotlight. Here are some of the events he’s attended in the past few months:


In October he held his first post-army fan meeting in Korea. He was all smiles, thanking his fans for their strong support while he was away. 

I’m sure we can all agree that Rain’s post-army looks are mighty fine!

  Rain was also spotted in Singapore for the launching of a new MCM store and the MCM runway show on October 11. 

In early November, Rain performed at the 2013 Bazaar Men People of the Year Awards in Beijing. He even took home an award for Asia All Around Entertainer! Great job Rain! Check out the video of his performances above.

Rain Beijing MCM

While in Beijing, Rain also stopped by the MCM store for an event. Who wouldn’t want an MCM bag with Rain’s signature?! (For more about MCM, check out my post here!)

Rain- Mic

Later this month, Rain will also embark on a series of fan meetings in Japan. He’ll he hitting 4 different cities for a total of 10 showcases.

A new album is just what his fans need. I know I’m not alone in saying that I can’t wait for this new project! I’m curious to see what kind of image he will end up promoting. We can also hope that a new drama or movie will soon be in the works!

I’m just glad the drought is almost over! 



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