Second Place Winner of KBS World Video Contest!

KBS World

I  have some really exciting news! My sister and I won 2nd place in the KBS World “I’m Korea’s Biggest Fan” video contest!

We entered a few months ago with a series of videos and I’m pleased to announce that K-pop on a $20 Budget was one of the Second Place winners! We put in a ton of effort and it was so nice to be recognized! Our video was a mashup of 12 of our favorite K-pop songs! You can check it out for yourself above. We included hits like Sorry Sorry, Wrong Number, Crayon, and Electric Shock!

KBS notified us that we would be receiving a prize in the mail. Second Place winners would receive a signed K-pop CD along with a USB memory stick and a CD of traditional music. Needless to say, we were excited!

Good news-our package arrived yesterday! So what was our prize, you ask?



Yessss!! B.A.P holds a special place in my heart as they were the last Korean band I saw in Taiwan!

And for all the K-pop CDs I’ve collected, I have yet to own a B.A.P album.

Now I have my very own signed edition of Badman! Success!

Here’s a glimpse at the CD! It always amazes me how intricate K-pop CDs are.

There’s also a wonderful photo book included inside with many, many pictures.


I think the photos are my favorite part!

KBS World and the Korean Ministry of Culture also included a nice Holiday card,

a traditional Korean music CD (also signed),

Korea USB

and a 16 GB USB!


I can already tell my B.A.P CD will feel right at home with me.

 Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 9.42.10 PM

Thank you so much KBS World! My sister and I had a great time making our video and we really appreciate our prizes.

For more about our winning video and making of pictures- check out this previous post!

I’m off to go listen to B.A.P on repeat 🙂


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