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Min Joon Stickers on LINE

LINE Min Joon

Do Min Joon stickers are now available on the messaging app LINE! These stickers are free, but can only be downloaded using the app. Even better, they are now available worldwide. I was worried they would only be released in Asia!

With these stickers, fans are treated to a cartoon version of the wonderfully super-powered alien Do Min Joon from the hit show Man from the Stars. Some of his best moments are recreated using the LINE mascot Brown. We get to see him suffer from kissing induced illness, texting his fateful “I Miss You” message, and even his trademark showering with a towel!

So how do the stickers compare to the real thing?


balcony love

Just look at that attention to detail. Everything from the clothes to the cups match!

Here are my favorites!

Happy Dream Long

Min Joon’s Dream of a Normal Future

Play in Snoq

Min Joon’s Wish to Play in the Snow


Cry- Min Joon

Min Joon’s Sobs

The pool of tears is entirely accurate.

Min Joon Sick

Kissing- Induced Illness

The wilting plant adds a great touch!

Time Stop Kiss

Time Stop Kiss

Shower Towl

Shower Time!

I’m so glad they realize how silly the whole towel/shower scene is!

Min Joon Stickers

These stickers did not disappoint! I was hopeful that after the Song Yi stickers were released, Min Joon would get his own chance to shine. Here, we get to see Min Joon at all the different stages of in his love story. The attention to detail is fantastic and LINE continues to impress me with their creativeness. I’m so glad LINE is a sponsor of Man from the Stars!

Is it too much to hope for another sticker set before the show ends? With its great popularity, I’m going to be optimistic and saw we’ll probably get another set, perhaps this time solely focused both Min Joon and Song Yi.

I can dream, right?!


What’s your favorite sticker? I admit, I’ve been using the one where Song Yi confesses her love to Min Joon wayyyyyyy too often! I’m also a huge fan of seeing Min Joon carry Song Yi the caterpillar!

Thanks for reading!


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