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WATCH: iKon’s Bobby jams out to BTS’s DOPE performance!

bobby bts

BTS and iKon were among the many artists to attend and perform during the Seoul Music Awards held on January 14th If you’re an avid K-pop fan it’s always fun watching other idols react to your favorite artists.

During BTS’s performance of DOPE it’s impossible not to notice a small white dot bouncing around in the background. Well, turns out it’s iKon’s Bobby jammin’ out and enjoying the performance!

At first he’s just feeling the music from his seat, then gets more and more hyped, jumping up to dance along with music. As he dances his fellow iKon members enjoy watching him go crazy for the Bangtan Boys!

Watch the fancam below!

In addition here’s a funny video form the live broadcast!

If you want more, check out these great gifs!


bobby 3booby 1

BONUS:  Here’s a photo of Bobby air guitaring  during SHinee’s performance! Looks like Bobby enjoys watching the performances just as much we do!



Are you surprised Bobby’s a fan of BTS? I know I am!

Thank for reading! –Melanie









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