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[Review] B.A.P Concert in Chicago

Group BAP

On April 19th B.A.P attacked Chicago for the first time. This stop of their Live on Earth tour did a fantastic job showcasing B.A.P’s powerful talent, delighting all of the 3,000 fans in attendance.

 I had a wonderful time taking pictures and enjoying the awesome performances. I hope you also enjoy my photos!

(Be sure to click on the image to view the larger image)

My Top 15 Highlights Include:

1. Excellent Music, Lighting, and Choreography

IMG_0567 - Version 2

B.A.P hit the right notes, performing all the fan favorites including One Shot, Save Me, Warrior, and their newest single 1004 (Angel). For over two hours, fans were treated to an excellent and organized show. Each segment flowed well into the next, never leaving a dull moment.

I can’t quite express how amazing it is to see some of your favorite songs and dance moves performed in person.


Can you guess the song from this picture?

It’s Badman of course!

2. Daehyun’s Fantastic Singing


This guy sure can sing!

3. Jongup’s Spectacular Dancing


Jongup’s dance skills were perhaps my favorite part of the show.

With each song, you never quite knew what type of kick, flip, jump, or spin he would do next.

4. Bang Yongguk’s Bulls Jersey

He sure knows how to win points with the Chicago crowd!

Don’t worry, B.A.P also tried deep dish pizza during their stay here.


5. Zelo’s Awesomeness

Zelo 4

No one could quite top Zelo’s energy and excitement!


Tada! This kid is amazing.

 6. Himchan’s 24th Birthday


Himchan celebrated his birthday during the Chicago concert thanks to a special fan initiative.

Fans passed out banners with Himchan’s name to all the audience members.


During B.A.P’s goodbye speech fans held up the signs and sang happy birthday to the birthday boy.


It was clear that Himchan loved the gesture! He even took a picture with the crowd and the banners.

7. B.A.P’s Coffee Shop


Who wouldn’t want some Starbabys Coffee?

IMG_0663 - Version 2

Especially if Yongguk’s serving!

8. Youngjae’s Interactions With Fans


I was rather jealous of all the attention Youngjae gave to the fans in the front rows!

9. The Check On Dance-A-Long


While B.A.P took a small break and changed outfits, two dancers with horse heads came on stage to teach the fans the dance for the song Check On.

This was a very fun and creative way to engage the audience!

10. Zelo’s Epic Battle To Keep His Shirt On


Sadly Zelo’s strength prevailed, defeating all of the back up dancers, Daehyun, and Himchan.

11. B.A.P’s Playfulness


There’s no question that these guys had a great time on stage.

The audience sure loved watching them joke around with each other. It was easy to tell that they get along very well!

12. Jongup’s Six Pack

Jongup's Abs

 What’s not to love about this picture?

13. The Fans


Seriously, the fans did a great job supporting B.A.P. From organizing Himchan’s birthday banners to creating awesome B.A.P inspired clothing, the fans really made this show extra special.

14. Pray for South Korea

Pray for South Korea - B.A.P

B.A.P gave a tribute to the Sewol Ferry tragedy toward the end of the concert.

The members posted a tweet for the audience to see, each with the hashtag #PrayforSouthKorea.

It was a solemn and very meaningful moment.

15. Heartfelt Goodbyes


While not the most talkative group, B.A.P still did a great job interacting with the audience. At the end, the members each said their goodbyes, expressing a desire to come back to America soon. Wouldn’t that be nice if B.A.P’s world tour could become a yearly occurrence! We can dream, right?


 For now we can keep remembering this amazing night filled with excellent music, powerful dancing, and plenty of fan interaction. B.A.P was a joy to watch and I hope I can repeat the experience again soon!


I hope you enjoyed all of the pictures! What are your favorites? Please share your comments below!


Thanks for reading!


P.S. Check Out My Fancam of B.A.P Performing 1004 (Angel)

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  1. your pictures are awesome… Music videos do not “truly” portray their excellent talent.. Seeing them in concert shows all fans that they are really really really good performers and that they really love what they do… I just came back from their LA show and it was EPIC!!!! they have such high energy and enthusiasm that it gets your hear pumping and you just want to break out in dance…


  2. Ahhhhh so jealous 😦 Why can’t I love in NY, Chicago, LA, or one of the other big cities BAP is more likely to go to.


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