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Happy Birthday

Guess what?! It’s MY RARA POP’S birthday! It was exactly one year ago today that I opened this blog and posted my first article. I can’t believe time has passed so quickly.

I’m very proud of all that I have been able to do in the past year. I started without much thought about where this could take me and I’m so happy that I made the decision to begin. It’s really allowed me to expand my understanding of the Korean entertainment world. I love sharing my thoughts about K-pop and K-dramas and I also love exploring other fantastic blogs! Turning from a passive to an active fan was a big transition, but I really am glad I decided to try out blogging.


In the past year I’ve completed more than 120 posts, received hundreds of comments, 100+ followers, and many thousands of views. It’s very exciting to see my audience continue to grow.

My blog has also given me some fantastic opportunities to reach an even larger audiences. I’ve contributed recaps to Soompi, acted as a panelist at KCON, and most recently became a news writer on DramaFever. I can’t wait to see what the next year of blogging will bring me. I’m excited for more!

Love Boyfriend

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog. I really appreciate all of your likes, comments, and views. I still feel like I have a lot more to learn about blogging and you guys are the ones who help encourage me to continue. Please look forward to more great articles on MY RARA POP!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I am SO HAPPY about finding your blog today! I wish I had found it when you first started. I plan to read them all now, but I was especially thankful for the May 25 one on names of actors and characters. I too have no one to discuss my hobby(addiction?) with altho I manage to refer to it in some way in most conversations. I noticed the -shi ending in the first Kdama I watched (Miss Ripley in 2012) when someone called Lee Da Hae “Mi Ri -shi,” while the subtitles wrote only Mi Ri. Much later I realized that the “ah” added to a name occurred only when the speaker feels close to the other person (family, lover, friend). The -shi can occur even with a full name and the subtitles say, Miss so-and-so, so I wonder what it really MEANS. Another ending for names is the sound “ee” which seems to be used for people they know well. Can you put me straight with these three? A different type of puzzle came in about the fifth drama we saw, “My Princess,” when they spoke of “talking down” to someone, but this was explained in a Korean language book as endings called honorifics used to show respect, as child for elder, employee to boss, in that still hierarchical society. Just to think! – I lived 80 years without knowing the joy and tears of watching those lovely/handsome, talented actors and hearing the wonderful music that so heightens the emotional effect. I have bought several soundtracks as well as dozens of dramas and movies.
    Thanks again for your time and effort.


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