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The Drought Will Soon End- Rain Is Planning His Comeback!

Looks like Rain is at it again! According to, Rain is expected to make his return early next year with a new album. I can already hear the squeals of delight from his fans all around the world! According to the the article, a “music insider” reported […]

What I’m Watching Wednesday

I’m starting a new weekly post called “What I’m Watching Wednesday”. Here I will post about the Asian dramas/variety shows/movies that I watched in the past week. Last me know if you have any show suggestions for me! I’m at that weird part of my drama watching cycle […]

My Top 10 Kpop Engrish Phrases

Kpop music loves incorporating English into its songs. In fact, it’s actually kind of hard to find songs that don’t contain at least one word of English. For English speaking fans, this has the following benefits. Makes it easier to sing along with your favorite songs. Helps when […]